How do bamboo plants of the same species all over the world, at any given location, flower at the same time? Do eyeless beings like mushrooms and trees “see” colour? Have human beings or plants colonized this planet? And which has a higher level of genetic material…?

Plants have so much to teach us, and we are only at the start of this journey. Together with biological life teeming in the soil we can partner to achieve soil preservation, reduction in greenhouse gasses, increased crop fertility and rehabilitation of our natural landscapes and biomes.


As soil stewards we guard the health of soils and our own. How we treat soil and grow our food, either curtails or extends our ability to continue doing so. Why wouldn’t we prioritise our soils health.

Convert the Dirt’s objective is to restore soil life, be it in your crop fields or urban garden. We support each other on the journey to growing beneficial, diverse networks in soil, bringing balance and fertility without dependence on purchased and chemical inputs. We are foremost guided by nature, which once observed, is the most patient of teachers.

Thermophilic, aerobic composting methods help speed up natures processes to ensure that nutrients are delivered by microscopic soil life every second of every day to your plants roots.

We assess your soil or composts progress to guide you in your strategy of regenerative agriculture, gardening or environmental restoration.