Your purchased compost is full of beneficial organism life 🙂 Care for it until used so that your growing spaces reap the fullest potential from all the added beneficial life. Use within a week for maximum benefit, or store under shelter at ambient temperature.

We ensure that bagged compost does not sit on the shelf for longer than 3 months, we do this to ensure the viability of the life within the compost as an effective life bringing amendment to your growing area. The packaging material is fully compostable, so if you want to add it to your home composting system you will be glad to know that it will turn into crumbly organic matter within a few months.

Just like us, the little microbes need oxygen, water and food to survive and thrive. If you’re not able to use within the first few days of purchasing please care for your compost as follows:

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The bag contains small air pockets to allow for airflow, please do not block these off in anyway.

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Spray or mist lightly with spring water (water must contain no chlorine – this is important as chlorine kills the organisms) once or twice a week.

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Compost is organic plant matter which has decomposed and is teeming with life! This organic matter in your compost is a food source for the superhero soil saving microbes. Please try keep your beautiful compost out of the way of your pets who may love to settle in and make themselves cosy. We all carry little organisms and our pets microbes may over indulge on the all that decomposed goodness before we have the benefit of it in our growing areas.