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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I make good quality compost from only one type of material?

A: Context is key. If it is plant material, then yes, with good management you can produce a decent compost. However if it is something like fat trap or brewery sludge then no, these kinds of materials need to be minimally incorporated with other materials to help with porosity and speed of decomposition.

Diversity of materials (and resulting beneficial organisms) together with proper management, are key to creating quality compost.

Q: What is a good starting point recipe?

A: 10% high nitrogen, 30% nitrogen & 60% carbon.

Q: Can I use municipal water to make biologically focused compost?

A: Municipal water should be treated to remove the chlorines and chloramines which will kill a large portion of the beneficial microbes we are trying to grow. Humic acid powder can be added to remove these chemicals before the water is used for moisture management.

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